Latest authors

Charles Eliot Norton

Charles Eliot Norton

American author, social critic, and professor of art
John Eliot

John Eliot

A Puritan missionary to the American Indians who some called - The apostle to the Indians
Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer

American chess player

Jeff Foster

Spiritual teacher

Alexandru Zirra

Romanian composer and pedagogue
Alberto de Oliveira

Alberto de Oliveira

A Brazilian poet, pharmacist and professor

Louis Nucéra

French writer

Yuu Watase

Japanese manga artist

Alexandru Mocioni

Romanian politician, deputy

Alexandru Obregia

Psychiatrist and university professor

August von Kotzebue

German dramatist and writer

Zachary Scott

American actor

Vanessa Paradis

French singer, model, and actress
Pascal Sevran

Pascal Sevran

French TV presenter and author.

Placide Gaboury

Professional Canadian essayist, teacher, painter and pianist

Paul Masson

Pioneer of California viticulture and successful popularizer of Californian sparkling wine

John Cheever

American novelist and short story writer

Mario Benedetti

Uruguayan essayist, journalist, short story writer, novelist and poet