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In the Nature of Joy, in the Geometry of Your Snowflake

Poetry and Tears

It seems a ballet of bridal cherry blossom, breezing April’s
photons, my Sweetheart: it seems to snow innocently, rustlingly,
and the chorale of brownish leaves of the secular, imperial
platans resounds, upon the pilgrimaged golden penguins...

01 feb 2010
Ion Pachia-TatomirescuPoems by Ion Pachia-Tatomirescu about joy, nature, home, language, celebrity, house, poetry, kiss, tears, stars

In the cone of light

A poet was musing the dark.
I knew it too. I told my friends,
And implied the words were not mine.
But they only laughed
And pushed my head into the penumbra of light.
"Look, look, they eagerly cried;
His face is like thunder, like...

Poems by Nicolae Sirius about home, affection, need, light, autumn, question, wish, hope, house, dark

The New Tower of Babel

English version by Gabriela Pachia

(1)...Into the Last State of the Matter...

The striated sky of my holy mushroom,
myriapoda like flashes of lightning – and the same
chromium ants
and the milk foam, among the planets,
and the white water lilies of the darkness
on the...

Ion Pachia-TatomirescuPoems by Ion Pachia-Tatomirescu about self-control, celebrity, tradition, flight, state, stars, olderness, light, eyes, blood

Ode (in ancient meter)

Hardly had I thought I should learn to perish;
Ever young, enwrapped in my robe I wandered,
Raising dreamy eyes to the star styled often
Solitude's symbol.

All at once, however, you crossed my pathway -
Suffering - you, painfully...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about old, sadness, symbol, eyes, solitude, hope, suffering, being, thinking, celebrity

The insolvent debtor

Home walked she from the mill
Her sack was down and she
Could not lift it again.
"May I help? " "What? " "For pay! "
And in the narrow lane
Good girls shouldn't wave away
Such offers and say "nay".
That she agreed was plain.


George CoșbucPoems by George Coșbuc about kiss, help, judges, question, things, end, good, good luck, home

Decebal to his people

This life is a lost boon if you
Don't live it as you wanted to!
Much would a warlike, ruthless foe
Enslave us all! Our birth, we know,
Was woe enough; would you get through
Another dreadful woe?

Death, even for a godlike scion,

George CoșbucPoems by George Coșbuc about fight, fear, man, bad luck, enemies, law, oath, bad, fasting, people

Spring harbingers

From sunny countries and skies blue
From which last automn-tide you flew,
Return, dear birds, where you belong,
Most welcome, you!
The woods, bereft of leaf and song,
Weep for they have missed you too long.

In the eternal dome of...

George CoșbucPoems by George Coșbuc about home, joy, country, pleasure, flowers, nature, poetry, mind, thinking, spring

The shadow

Your burnt offspring's smoke will wind
Peacefully towards the skies
Only if you bear in mind
That when you go to the sun,
Your dark shadow is behind.

Silent slave whom the grim lord
Summons by a silent gesture,
He takes heed,...

George CoșbucPoems by George Coșbuc about shadow, smoke, sun, nothing, flight, mind, dark, light, eyes, fairy tales

The poet

A soul in the soul of my people am I
And sing of its sorrows and joys,
For mine are your wounds and I cry
Whenever you do, drinking dry
That chalice of poison that's meant for Fate's toys.
Whatever your pathway, together we'll ail,...

George CoșbucPoems by George Coșbuc about people, heart, destiny, soul, drinking, things, man, hate, earth, love

Three, mighty God, all three!

He had three sons and they, all three,
When called, for the encampment left;
So the poor father was bereft
Of rest and peace, for war, thought he.
Is hard - one has no time to feel
That one has ceased to be.

And many months went in...

George CoșbucPoems by George Coșbuc about past, man, war, fear, human imperfections, thinking, god, bankers, obstacles, day

Evening Star

There was, as in the fairy tales,
As ne'er in the time's raid,
There was, of famous royal blood
A most beautiful maid.

She was her parents' only child,
Bright like the sun at noon,
Like the Virgin midst the saints
And among stars...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about celebrity, magic, love, art, world, eyes, day, good luck, stars, life

So Fresh Thou Art...

So like the sweet, white cherry blossom,
So tender and so fresh thou art,
And on my life's way like an angel
Appearing thou dost light impart.

Thou scarcely touchest the soft carpet,
The silk on thee doth rustling stream,
From top to...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about art, magic, eyes, happiness, dream, light, fairy tales, guilt, soul, smile

Eve On The Hill

Dreary the horn sounds in the eve on the hill,
Sheepflocks return, stars on their way twinkle still,
Watersprings weep murmuring clear, and I see
Under a tree, love, thou art waiting for me.

Holy and pure passes the moon on the sky,...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about love, art, magic, old, olderness, celebrity, night, stars, longing, press

The Lake

Water lilies load all over
The blue lake amid the woods,
That imparts, while in white circles
Startling, to a boat its moods.

And along the strands I'm passing
Listening, waiting, in unrest,
That she from the reeds may issue

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about water, fall, feelings, lie, moon, light

A Dacian's Prayer

When death did not exist, nor yet eternity,
Before the seed of life had first set living free,
When yesterday was nothing, and time had not begun,
And one included all things, and all was less than one,
When sun and moon and sky, the...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about god, mercy, praise, earth, nothing, heart, things, death, joy, eternity

Venus and Madonna

Oh, ideal lost in night-mists of a vanished universe:
People who would think in legends - all a world who spoke in verse;
I can see and think and hear you - youthful scout which gently nods
From a sky with different starlights, other Edens,...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about woman, eyes, celebrity, smile, heart, magic, spirit, god, excess, youth

And If...

And if the branches tap my pane
And the poplars whisper nightly,
It is to make me dream again
I hold you to me tightly.
And if the stars shine on the pond
And light its sombre shoal,
It is to quench my mind's despond
And flood with...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about peace, mind, celebrity, stars, dream, heart, moon, soul, light

Down Where The Lonely Poplars Grow

Down where the lonely poplars grow
How often have I erred;
My steps that all the neighbours know
You only have not heard.
Towards your window lighted through
How oft my gaze has flown;
A world entire my secret knew
You only have not...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about night, faith, pray, rightness, value, eyes, end, secret, world, word

O Remain

O remain, dear one, I love you,
Stay with me in my fair land,
For your dreamings and your longings
Only I can understand.
You, who like a prince reclining
Over the pool with heaven starred;
You who gaze up from the water
With such...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about water, country, miracle, age, olderness, charm, magic, secret, moon, love


Come now to the forest's spring
Running wrinkling over the stones,
To where lush and grassy furrows
Hide away in curving boughs.

Then you can run to my open arms,
Be held once more in my embrace,
I'll gently lift that veil of yours...

Mihai EminescuPoems by Mihai Eminescu about dream, spring, fall, happiness, harmony, face