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Ion Pachia-Tatomirescu

Love is like Water: within a Great Fire it evaporates...

Quote by Ion Pachia-Tatomirescu about love, water, fire, fire brigade
Ion Pachia-Tatomirescu

Water is immeasurable measure of all things from our...

Quote by Ion Pachia-Tatomirescu about water, measure, things
Mag. Cornelia Klappacher

The ability to love truly and innocuous is a more mature...

Quote by Mag. Cornelia Klappacher about evolution, ability, people, love, life
Emil Cioran

Truth is an exiled error in eternity.

Quote by Emil Cioran about truth, error, eternity
Claude Adrien Helvetius

Genius is nothing but continued attention.

Quote by Claude Adrien Helvetius about genius, attention, nothing
Costel Zăgan

God is lonliness given at maximum.

Quote by Costel Zăgan about god
Costel Zăgan

Insomnia: fuel for angels!

Quote by Costel Zăgan about aphorisms
Mark Amend

A smile is the best way to keep your lips in shape for...

Quote by Mark Amend about smile, kiss, thinking
Costel Zăgan

Every silence performs its own swan song.

Quote by Costel Zăgan about silence
Mag. Cornelia Klappacher

The human being of the fast time is like a letterbox....

Quote by Mag. Cornelia Klappacher about people, fasting, human imperfections, being, time
Mark Amend

Guilt is regret for what we've done. Regret is guilt for...

Quote by Mark Amend about guilt, regret, thinking
Morihei Ueshiba

The attack is the evidence of losing control.

Quote by Morihei Ueshiba about attack
Cyril Vernon Connolly

Literature is the art of writing something that will be...

Quote by Cyril Vernon Connolly about literature, art, magic, writing
Lucian Blaga

Childhood is the heart of all ages.

Quote by Lucian Blaga about childhood, heart
Emil Cioran

Joy is the mental reflex of the pure existence-of an...

Quote by Emil Cioran about joy, existence
Gabriel Liiceanu

Courage is the walking through fear towards freedom.

Quote by Gabriel Liiceanu about courage, fear
Alexandru Paleologu

Prudence is the art of controlling the risk.

Quote by Alexandru Paleologu about art, risk, magic

Intelligence is educated arrogance

Quote by Aristotel about intelligence
Anatole France

The irony is the cheerfulnessof thinking and the joy of...

Quote by Anatole France about irony, joy, thinking, wisdom
Andre Gide

Art is a partnership between God and artist, the less the...

Quote by Andre Gide about art, artists, magic, god