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Celebrations, 17 mar:
Gary Sinise Was born Gary Sinise.
Alecu Russo Was born Alecu Russo.
Nat King Cole Was born Nat King Cole.
Was born Sultana Craia.
Was born Alexandru Deal.
Was born Jeana Morarescu.
Was born Virginia Musat.
Was born Mihai Ungheanu.
Commemorations, 17 mar:
Marcus Aurelius Has died Marcus Aurelius.
Fred Allen Has died Fred Allen.
Helen Hayes Has died Helen Hayes.
Sfântul Patrick Has died Sfântul Patrick.
Luchino Visconti Has died Luchino Visconti.
Has died Demostene Botez.
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Cornelia LinznerJeff BezosGuillaume Victor Émile AugierIon PenaDoina StruleaGiovanni BaglioneIancu De HunedoaraBruce LeePaul Leonard NewmanFrancis McCourtCătălin PînzaruBoris IoachimEugenia BanuTiberiu BrediceanuRadu Lupu

About Us

RightWords is an ambitious project of YourCHOICE team -

The site holds in his structure two big sides of the universal and national literature: famous quotes section, famous words spoken and written by well known authors all over the world, words which are always true and folcklore section, created like a folcklore collection, meant to remind us which are ours roots.

In this crazy world, the time we would want to spend reading a book doesn't exists any more.
Here we come and we give you a hand, just one click away you can find the needed information.

Join us in our effort to promote quality information that nurish the soul.

If you read something interesting or if you have a personal oppinion on something and you want to share it with others, all you need to do is to contact us through [Contact section] or [Propose section] and the words that made an impression on you or your thoughts can be written by others.

We propose you to grow with us!

RightWords Team thanks for the important contribution to the site's development to Mr.Sorin Cerin, Mr.Ionut Caragea, Mr. Dan George Dumitrescu, Mr. Costel Zagan and Marius Torok.