Ardian Kuciuk

Ardian Kuciuk

Biography Ardian Kuciuk (1969)

Romanian poet, writer and translator born in Albania

Also called Kycyku Ardian-Christian.
Was born on 23 aug 1969.
Origin country România

Since 1998: co-founder and co-director of bilingual European magazine for culture and traditions Haemus, which first appeared in Bucharest in 1998 and now has an archive of over 4000 pages with fragments from the work of over 200 writers, thinkers and European intellectuals; also, Haemus dedicated special editions to the Greek, Turkish, Italian, Swiss and Jewish cultures and civilizations and to the Albanian and Romanian exile.

Editor-en-Chief and founder of ComunIQue magazine. He is Full member of the Writers Union of Romania, full member of the Writers Union of Albania, full member of Académie Européenne des Arts, and a Correspondent member of Central European Academy of Science and Art.

Member of the Writers Association in Bucharest, founding member of the Albanian Cultural Association Haemus.

Books written and published in Albanian: In the stone’s empire, novel, The Dead Folk, novel, Night After Year Zero, novel, Muse of the Game, trilogy, The Translation or the Life of a Slave that does not Swear He Can See, novel, Rivers of Sahara, novel, The Appetite for Heaven Bread, novel, Diva or Flowers Devorator, novel, Useless Angels, novel, The Crystal and the hyenas, novel, Eyes, novel, The conquest of Crazystan, prosa, Instead of Eternity, theatre, Home, novel, Ki$land or Kiss Me You, Skeleton, The viceBook, theater, The Neutral Blood, theatre, Father, novel, Your Excellency, theater / Books written and published in Romanian: The year in which the Swan was Invented, novel, The Sweet Secret of Craziness, novel, A Glorious and Dying Tribe - The Saga of a Forgotten, Love at the Last Sight, prose and theatre, Epigone God, novel-essay, Trilogy, anthological volume, An alphabet of Albanian poetry, anthology, 101 Albanian poets in Romanian, Time of the Substitutes, interview, Siege - a novel with a few quotation marks, Ex - novel with love & conspiracy; Introduction into Semiotics, The Signs and the Citadel - university lectures, Empatycon or The Book of Untimely Life, novel, Space for a single doll, - an movie to be narrated / a story to be filmed.

Many of Kyçyku's literary works are translated into Hungarian, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian.
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