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Celebrations, 18 oct:
Henri Bergson Was born Henri Bergson.
Was born Ion Arama.
Coman Sova Was born Coman Sova.
Commemorations, 18 oct:
Charles Babbage Has died Charles Babbage.
Charles Gounod Has died Charles Gounod.
Romulus Guga Has died Romulus Guga.
Teodor Mazilu Has died Teodor Mazilu.
Alfred Binet Has died Alfred Binet.
Henri Michaux Has died Henri Michaux.
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Most men find it difficult to remain true to a single...

Most men find it difficult to remain true to a single woman, but relatively easy to be true to three or four at the same time.

Georges Courteline, quote about Fidelity

Georges Courteline (1858 - 1929) French dramatist and novelist

Was born on: 25 jun 1848.
Died on 25 jun 1929, at 81 years old.

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