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John Witherspoon Has died John Witherspoon.
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Corneliu Vadim Tudor

Corneliu Vadim Tudor

Biography Corneliu Vadim Tudor (1949-2015)

Romanian poet, journalist, essayist and politician

Was born on 28 nov 1949.
Died on 14 sep 2015, at 65 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Corneliu Vadim Tudor

He is founder and president of the Greater Romania Party, his literary mentor was Eugen Barbu. He was a member of Romanian Parliament from1992 and from 2009 he is member of European Parliament.

His personality and charisma have created a strong image, his advantage being the convinction and vehemence of ideas. He is an impressive man with a general education, involved in charitable activities and a great animal lover.

He has published poetry and journalism, some of them being edited in French, English and Arabic, he wrote plays, too.


The carol of baby deer, 1968

Winter harvest, 1976

Mr.Tudor from Vladimir, 1977

Poems, 1977

Vienna letters, 1979

Poems of love, hate and hope, 1981

Ideals, Eminescu Publishing House 1983

Saturnalia, 1 983

History and Civilization, 1983

Be pride Romanian 1986

Miracles, 1986

Romanian book of teaching, 1990, 1991, 1992

Holiday journal, 1996

Poems, 1998

Everyone knows football, play, 1989

Script of film: Triangle of death
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