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Iulian Andrei

Happiness, weightlessness in all perceptible universes.

Quote by Iulian Andrei about happiness
Max Jacob

Without hope the dreams become nightmares and love the...

Quote by Max Jacob about hope, dream, love
Ion Pachia-Tatomirescu

Water is immeasurable measure of all things from our...

Quote by Ion Pachia-Tatomirescu about water, aphorisms, measure, things
Tom Stoppard

The truth is always a compound of two half- truths, and...

Quote by Tom Stoppard about truth
Tom Stoppard

We are actors - we are the opposite of people.

Quote by Tom Stoppard about actors, people
Jane Elliot

Age is how we determine how valuable you are.

Quote by Jane Elliot about age, olderness
Julie Child

Life itself is the proper binge.

Quote by Julie Child about life
Friedrich Leopold Von Hardenberg

Philosophy is actually nostalgia - longing to be...

Quote by Friedrich Leopold Von Hardenberg about philosophy, longing, melancholia, home
Ion Beldeanu

If there were no poetry, we did not exist!

Quote by Ion Beldeanu about poetry
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.

Quote by Stanislaw Jerzy Lec about olderness, youth, gifts, age, art, magic, nature, work
James Broughton

Consciousness is the glory of creation.

Quote by James Broughton about conscience, glory, creation
James Broughton

Life is adventure, not predicament. Amazement awaits us...

Quote by James Broughton about life, adventure, day, love
Liviu Ioan (lis) Stoiciu

For Stoics the virtue was the only possesion, and the the...

Quote by Liviu Ioan (lis) Stoiciu about virtue, wealth, glory, career
Eleanor R. Hampton

Love is deep and can reach far so do not keep love...

Quote by Eleanor R. Hampton about love, heart
Mariana Fulger

The less we think, the less we see, we live. The less we...

Quote by Mariana Fulger about thinking, interest, light, love
Mariana Fulger

The soul sickens and heals the body, if it has sufficient...

Quote by Mariana Fulger about soul, motivation, body
Mariana Fulger

It is hard to understand the life of the poor when you...

Quote by Mariana Fulger about life, poverty, dream, eyes, children
Mariana Fulger

There is a courage, a meaning beyond all others – that of...

Quote by Mariana Fulger about dignity, courage, being
Mariana Fulger

The existence of a nation is like the existence of rivers...

Quote by Mariana Fulger about nation, existence
Mariana Fulger

A lot of wisdom should go into choosing who to love you,...

Quote by Mariana Fulger about wisdom, rules, love