Tom Stoppard

Tom Stoppard

Biography Tom Stoppard (1937)

British playwright and screenwriter

Also called: Tomas Straussle.
Was born on 03 jul 1937.
Origin country United Kingdom
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The author was born in Czechoslovakia. He has become famous for his plays, such as: "The Real Thing", 1982, "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead", 1967. He is author of the screenplay for the movie "Shakespeare in Love", 1998 and documentary "What is Brazil?", 1985.
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Quotes Tom Stoppard

Tom Stoppard

I think age is a very high price to pay for maturity.

Quote by Tom Stoppard about age, olderness
Tom Stoppard

Eternity is a terrible thought. I mean, where is it all...

Quote by Tom Stoppard about eternity, thinking, end
Tom Stoppard

The bad end unhappily, the good unluckily. That is what...

Quote by Tom Stoppard about death, tragedy, bad luck, bad, end, good, good luck
Tom Stoppard

If Beethoven had been killed in a plane crash at the age...

Quote by Tom Stoppard about opinion, history, age, olderness, music