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Nicolae Iorga

Wisdom is a merchandise and the one who sells it means...

Quote by Nicolae Iorga about wisdom
Petre Pandrea

Pride is the defense of autonomy against desperate and...

Quote by Petre Pandrea about proudness, mediocrity
Victor Hugo

Love doesn't mean to be two and in reality to be just one.

Quote by Victor Hugo about love, reality
Marius Torok

We carry the truth everyday with us, but rarely we...

Quote by Marius Torok about truth
Konrad Lorenz

Man appears to be the missing link between anthropoid...

Quote by Konrad Lorenz about people, human imperfections, man
Igor Ursenco

Let go, let God!

Quote by Igor Ursenco about motivation, god
Marius Torok

If yesterday we were dividing the time into days and...

Quote by Marius Torok about time, day, order
Robert M. Hensel

Hope can light the darkness, when hearts become dismayed.

Quote by Robert M. Hensel about hope, light
Ambrose Bierce

Peace. In international affairs, a period of cheating...

Quote by Ambrose Bierce about peace, cheating
Herman Jacob Mankiewicz

Old age... it is the only disease you don't look forward...

Quote by Herman Jacob Mankiewicz about olderness, age, old, being
Betty Jane Whylie

Poverty isn't being broke; poverty is never having enough.

Quote by Betty Jane Whylie about poverty, being

Apparently the average man sees woman alternately as an...

Quote by Willa Muir about face, woman, being, man
Alan Bennett

Life, you know is rather like opening a tin of sardines....

Quote by Alan Bennett about life
Robert M. Hensel

Life's all about clearing hurdles.

Quote by Robert M. Hensel about life
Charles Edward

It is not a disgrace to fail. Failing is one of the...

Quote by Charles Edward about failure, art, world
Charles F. Kettering

Inventing is a combination of brains and materials. The...

Quote by Charles F. Kettering about invention, use, need
George Coșbuc

Life is a fight, so fight With love for it, with longing.

Quote by George Coșbuc about life, fight, longing, love
Alecu Russo

Homeland is theremembrance of childhood days... The song...

Quote by Alecu Russo about homeland, childhood, day
Alexandru Odobescu

Without any doubt, worker is the pillar of Romania!...

Quote by Alexandru Odobescu about workers, doubt
Ion Luca Caragiale

What is the talent? Well! this is too easy for us to...

Quote by Ion Luca Caragiale about talent, permission, question