Florica Bud

Florica Bud

Biography Florica Bud (1957)

Romanian poet and writer

Was born on 21 mar 1957.
Origin country România
Quotes by Florica Bud

Florica Bud was born on March 21, 1957, in Ulmeni, Maramures County. She is a member of the Writers Union of Romania since 1998. She debuted in 1993, with the volume of short stories: Love, I’m a non-flying object, Gutinul Publishing House, 1993. The author really falls in literature with her novel The man who murdered my soul on a Thursday, Dacia Publishing House, 2005, as prefaced by Horia Garbea. In Mariatereza is me, Rao Publishing House, 2007, the novelist keeps the same architecture that gives a distinct note of its volumes. Later, according to the critic Alex Stefanescu, determined to seduce readers permanently she separates the amalgam of genres from previous books by creating a collection of pamphlets in We fix up reputation and bottles, Limes Publishing House, 2009. Then she approaches the poetic genre in I am loosing the monopoly of love and Crucified between brackets, both published by Ramuri Publishing House in 2010. Florica Bud is a permanent presence into the contemporary magazines, being present in the anthology Bookataria of texts and images.

Literary activity:

Member of the Romanian Writers Union, Bucharest branch, since 1998
Associated editor of the Nord Literar magazine, Baia Mare
Vice-president of the Writers Association Baia Mare
Founder president of the Bona Fide cultural foundation

Published books:

I am loosing the monopoly of love - poems, Pierd monopolul iubirii - poems, bilingual edition, Romanian and French Volum bilingv roman-francez, Ramuri Publishing House, Craiova, 2010

Crucified between brackets - poems, Crucificat intre paranteze - poems, bilingual edition, Romanian and French Volum bilingv roman-francez, Ramuri Publishing House, Craiova, 2010

Dishes of yore, vines and old Romanian drinks, Dan-Silviu Boerescu, Catalin Paduraru, Florica Bud, collective anthology, Mancaruri de altadata, vinuri si vechi bauturi romanesti, Dan-Silviu Boerescu, Catalin Paduraru, Florica Bud, antologie colectiva, Lifestyle Classic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2010

The banner of desires - poems, Stindardul dorintelor - poems, bilingual edition, Romanian and French Volum bilingv roman-francez, The Albanian Magazine Publishing House, Bucharest, 2010

We fix up reputation and bottles, Reparam onoare si clondire, Limes Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2009

Mariatereza is me, Mariatereza sunt eu, RaoPublishing House, Bucharest, 2007

The man who murdered my soul on a Thursday - the book of Moniques, Barbatul care mi-a ucis sufletul intr-o joi, cartea monicelor, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2005

The Billclintonians, the book with free pages, Bilclintonienii, cartea cu pagini libere, Eminescu Publishing House, Bucharest, 1999

Who likes school? meditation on a given theme, Cui ii place scoala? meditatii pe o tema data, Odeon Publishing House Bucharest, 1997

Running through oneself, a collection of prose, Alergand prin sine, o suma de proze,
Printek Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 1996

Love, I’m a non-flying object, short prose, Iubire, sunt un obiect nezburator, proza scurta
Gutinul Publishing House, Baia Mare, 1993

Books for adults and other children:

Bookataria of texts and images, collective anthology of short stories, Bookataria de texte & imagini, antologie colectiva de povesti, Clubul ilustratorilorPublishing House, Bucuresti, 2009

The No Tom Cat and son, Nu Motanul si Fiul, Rao Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007

The No-Tomcat and the Red-Yellow-Green-Traffic-Light-Dragon, Nu-Motanul si Zmeul
Semafor Rosu-Galben-Verde, Clusium Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 1998

The No-Tomcat and the Pager Dragon, Nu-Motanul si Zmeul Pager, Scripta Publishing House, Bucharest, 1995

The Adventures of the No-Tomcat at the CA-FE-MINI Dragon’s Courtyard, Aventurile lui Nu-Motanul la Curtea Zmeului CA-FE-MINI, Scripta Publishing House, Bucharest, 1994

Diplomas and awards:

2010: Special Prize ot the International Academy "Il Convivio", Italy, 2010 for "Je perds le monopole de l’amour";
2010: Prize of "The Northern literature" Magazine, for poetry;
2010: Diploma of Excellence for participation in Inter-County Symposium on "Multiculturalism in the opera Romanian writer Ion Slavici;
2008: Books of the year, 2007, Baia Mare, Mariatereza is me
2007: Diploma of Excellence for participation in the Cultural Days of Maramures, Baia Mare;
2007: Anniversary Diploma, for merit in the assertion of original literary creation, the promotion intellectual dialogue around cultural values and cultivating the talents, Baia Mare;
2007: Famous people of Salaj, in Zalau;
2006: Diploma of Honor with the title "Countess elegant words", Baia Mare;
2006: Award of Excellence by the Bucharest City Council of 2nd District, for contribution to the development of cultural heritage of Romanian Literature, Bucharest;
2006: The award of the Writers Association Bucharest, The man who murdered my soul on a Thursday
2006: Books of the year, 2005, Baia Mare, The man who murdered my soul on a Thursday
2003: Certificate for the recognition of the activity in Art and Culture, Baia Mare
1998: Prize of "Art Panorama" Magazine, Bucharest;
1998: Books of year 1997 Contest with the book "Who likes school?", Baia Mare
1997: Diploma for outstanding activities to promote cultural values of Maramures through its her own work and through support for authentic creation, Baia Mare.
1993: Books of the year (1992), Baia Mare, Love, I’m a non-flying object
1991: Prose and theatre contest organized by the Inspectorate for Culture, Baia Mare
1990: Sorin Titel literature contest, the 4th edition, Caransebes

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Professional experience:

2007-1999: Manager at S.C. Feeric S.R.L.Baia Mare
1999-1994: Sales manager at Ageximco Bucharest
1994-1991: Sales manager at Polipromin Cluj
1991-1984: P.C analyst at Calculation Centre Baia Mare
1984-1982: Probation engineer at E.M. Baia Sprie
1982-1981: Probation engineer at E.M. Baia Borsa

Education and improvement:

1984: Course of P.C. initiation - Cluj Napoca
1983-1984: Course of Marketing and International relations - Bucharest
1976-1981: Petrosani Mining University
1972-1976: Gheorghe Sincai Highschool Baia Mare
1964-1972: Ulmeni Primary school, Maramures.
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Florica Bud

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Florica Bud

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