Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Biography Tom Hanks (1956)

American actor

Also called Thomas Jeffrey Hanks.
Was born on 09 jul 1956.
Origin country United States
Quotes by Tom Hanks

Actor, film director and producer, winner of two Oscar Awards.
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Quotes Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

It's always a combination of physics and poetry that I...

Quote by Tom Hanks about physics, heads, poetry, things
Tom Hanks

What we're doing with Band of Brothers is trying to put...

Quote by Tom Hanks about myth, magic, human imperfections, man
Tom Hanks

The year I was born, 1956, was the peak year for babies...

Quote by Tom Hanks about age, olderness, being, people
Tom Hanks

My kid could get a bad X-ray and I could get a call from...

Quote by Tom Hanks about change, bad luck, bad