Cilibi Moise

Cilibi Moise

Biography Cilibi Moise (1812 - 1870)

Romanian peddler, humorist, aphorist, and raconteur

Also called Moise.
Was born on 31 jan 1870.
Died on 31 dec 1870, at 0 years old.
Origin country Reunion
Quotes by Cilibi Moise

He is best known for the aphorisms and anecdotes attributed to him, which, although recorded in Romanian, represent an important segment of the local secular Jewish culture and Jewish humor in the 19th century. Moise relied on others to record his own creations, and these often refer to him using the third person, which made him a stock character.
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Quotes Cilibi Moise

Cilibi Moise

Two things can not exist in this world: merchants without...

Quote by Cilibi Moise about impossible, politics, things, world
Cilibi Moise

Those who belive only in money are not too onest.

Quote by Cilibi Moise about money
Cilibi Moise

The man, when loses his onesty, has nothing else to lose.

Quote by Cilibi Moise about honesty, nothing, man