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Celebrations, 24 jan:
Edith Wharton Was born Edith Wharton.
John Vanbrugh Was born John Vanbrugh.
Victor Eftimiu Was born Victor Eftimiu.
Was born Ioana Andreescu.
Was born Silviu Angelescu.
Was born Teofil Busecan.
Was born Victor Haide.
Was born Anisoara Mija.
Was born Paul Vinicius.
Commemorations, 24 jan:
Friedrich EngelsJean-Baptiste Alphonse KarrGiovanni BaglioneGeorge OrwellStefan ZeletinVictor DumbraveanuDustin HoffmanStendhalJames Thomas FarrellAlexandru MusinaRaymond ChandlerTemistocle PopaAlexander FlemingJean de RotrouNathalie Sarraute

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Bill Paxton, American actor

Bill Paxton
Was born on 17 may 1955.
Origin country: United States

I liked seeing myself in a different costumes and doing...

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Quote by Bill Paxton about Opinion