Tudor Arghezi

Tudor Arghezi

Biography Tudor Arghezi (1880 - 1967)

Romanian writer

Also called Ion N. Theodorescu.
Was born on 21 may 1880.
Died on 14 jul 1967, at 87 years old.
Origin country România
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Romanian writer, best known for his contribution to poetry and children's literature. Born Ion N. Theodorescu in Bucharest, where he also died, he explained that his pen name was related to Argesis, the Latin name for the Arges River.
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Quotes Tudor Arghezi

Tudor Arghezi

In love, everything is chancing, all is becoming...

Quote by Tudor Arghezi about wish, nothing, love
Tudor Arghezi

Hope is a dream with the eys wide open.

Quote by Tudor Arghezi about hope, dream
Tudor Arghezi

Politeness is a delicacy and a need for distance.

Quote by Tudor Arghezi about politeness, need
Tudor Arghezi

A writer has a start, without any doubt, which begins...

Quote by Tudor Arghezi about literature, doubt, writers, day