Events of the day 31 December

Celebrations 31 December

Anthony Hopkins1937:

Was born Anthony Hopkins.

Marie D'Agoult1805:

Was born Marie D'Agoult.

James Ling1922:

Was born James Ling.

Iacob Negruzzi1842:

Was born Iacob Negruzzi.

Diane von Fürstenberg1946:

Was born Diane von Fürstenberg.

Ilarie Voronca1903:

Was born Ilarie Voronca.

Simon Wiesenthal1908:

Was born Simon Wiesenthal.


Was born Mihai Dascal.

Kedar Joshi1979:

Was born Kedar Joshi.

Henri Matisse1869:

Was born Henri Matisse.

Commemorations 31 December

Ion Creanga1889:

Has died Ion Creanga.

Sabin Dragoi1968:

Has died Sabin Dragoi.


Has died Eugen Herovanu.

Theodor Reik1969:

Has died Theodor Reik.

Miguel de Unamuno1936:

Has died Miguel de Unamuno.

Jean Francois Marmontel1799:

Has died Jean Francois Marmontel.

Cilibi Moise1870:

Has died Cilibi Moise.

Herbert Marshall McLuhan1980:

Has died Herbert Marshall McLuhan.