Kedar Joshi

Kedar Joshi

Biography Kedar Joshi (1979)

Indian philosopher and writer

Was born on 31 dec 1979.
Origin country India
Quotes by Kedar Joshi

Kedar Joshi was born 1979 in Mumbai.

Kedar Joshi is a philosopher and writer whose works are collectively entitled Superultramodern Science and Philosophy.

Notable works comprise the NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) theory and the UQV (Ultimate Questioner's Vanity) theory.

He initiated Superultramodern Scientific Institution (SSI), also known as British Superultramodern Scientific Institution (BSSI).

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Quotes Kedar Joshi

Kedar Joshi

The world is truly beautiful solely in the eyes of a true...

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Quote by Kedar Joshi about world, eyes

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