Garabet Ibraileanu

Garabet Ibraileanu

Biography Garabet Ibraileanu (1871 - 1936)

Historical literary end guarded

Also called Cezar Vraja.
Was born on 23 may 1871.
Died on 11 mar 1936, at 64 years old.
Origin country România
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Romanian-Armenian literary critic and theorist, writer, translator, sociologist, Iasi University professor 1908-1934 and together with Paul Bujor and Constantin Stere, for long main editor of the Viata Romaneasca literary magazine between 1906 and 1930. He published many of his works under the pen name Cezar Vraja.
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Quotes Garabet Ibraileanu

Garabet Ibraileanu

Compassion, when is not accompanied by an infinite love,...

Quote by Garabet Ibraileanu about mercy, contempt, infinite, love