Ugo Foscolo

Ugo Foscolo

Biography Ugo Foscolo (1778 - 1827)

Italian poet and revolutionary

Was born on 06 feb 1778.
Died on 10 sep 1821, at 43 years old.
Origin country Italy
Quotes by Ugo Foscolo

His entire work was animated by the struggle for freedom, republic, beeing a vehement opponent of tyranny. His works are embracing neoclassicism.


Bonaparte the liberator, 1797
Thyestes, 1797
Last letters of Jacopo Ortis, 1802
The graves, 1807
Ajax, 1811
Riciarda, 1813
The graces, 1823
Studies on Petrarch, 1824
Speech on text of Dante, 1826
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Quotes Ugo Foscolo

Ugo Foscolo

I would dare to define civilization as perfected art of...

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Quote by Ugo Foscolo about civilization, art
Ugo Foscolo

Those who consider weak the people mastered by their...

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Quote by Ugo Foscolo about pasion, suffering, man, nation
Ugo Foscolo

Life is an epigram whose sting is death.

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Quote by Ugo Foscolo about life, epigram, death, immortality
Ugo Foscolo

Everything stays in the power of heart and no people, no...

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Quote by Ugo Foscolo about feelings, sky, change, power, heart, nation

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