Octavian Paler

Octavian Paler

Biography Octavian Paler (1926 - 2007)

Romanian writer and jurnalist

Was born on 02 jul 1926.
Died on 07 may 2007, at 80 years old.
Origin country România
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Romanian writer, journalist, politician in Communist Romania, and civil society activist in post-1989 Romania.


Shadow of words
Life on a platform
Imaginary letters
Galileo's defense
Solitary adventures
Desert forever
A lucky man
Mythologies subjective
Caminante, 2004
Self-portrait in a broken mirror, 2004
Caminante. Official Mexican and contrajurnal, 2005
Life as a corrida
A museum in labyrinth
The time of questions
Pray it will not grow wings
Don Quixote in the East
Friendly polemics
Mythological slanders, 2007
Talks with Octavian Paler, 2007
Poems, 2008
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Quotes Octavian Paler

Octavian Paler

There is no experience to knock you down, if you have the...

Quote by Octavian Paler about courage, experience, life, face
Octavian Paler

A brave man speaks little about courage.

Quote by Octavian Paler about courage, man
Octavian Paler

A life without love is like a year without spring.

Quote by Octavian Paler about life, love, spring