Jean Anouilh

Jean Anouilh

Biography Jean Anouilh (1910 - 1987)

French dramatist

Was born on 23 jun 1910.
Died on 03 oct 1987, at 77 years old.
Origin country France
Quotes by Jean Anouilh
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Quotes Jean Anouilh

Jean Anouilh

I like reality. It tastes like bread.

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Quote by Jean Anouilh about reality
Jean Anouilh

One cannot weep for the entire world, it is beyond human...

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Quote by Jean Anouilh about opinion, human imperfections, human-nature, world
Jean Anouilh

With God, what is terrible is that one never knows...

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Quote by Jean Anouilh about god, devil
Jean Anouilh

A genius knows how to make himself easily understood...

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Quote by Jean Anouilh about genius, being

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