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Celebrations, 14 nov:
Josh Duhamel Was born Josh Duhamel.
Claude Monet Was born Claude Monet.
Was born Gheorghe Barba.
Was born Andrei Brezianu.
Was born Ion Cocora.
Was born Simion Dima.
Was born Aneta Dobre.
Was born Cristina Tamas.
Iulia Hasdeu Was born Iulia Hasdeu.
Commemorations, 14 nov:
Jean Paul Has died Jean Paul.
Jürgen HabermasEdward FitzgeraldJean RacineJames Lane AllenSpiru HaretDonald TrumpThomas HughesMihail CibotaruAmy TanMartin Lewis PerlAbigail AdamsNicolae ConstantinescuGeorge BacoviaPavel BotuPaul Bigelow Sears

Giuseppe Mazzini

Giuseppe Mazzini

Biography Giuseppe Mazzini (1805 - 1872)

Italian politician

Was born on 22 jun 1805.
Died on 10 mar 1872, at 66 years old.
Origin country Italy
Quotes by Giuseppe Mazzini

The "Soul of Italy," was an Italian patriot, philosopher and politician.
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