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Celebrations, 24 sep:
Horace Walpole Was born Horace Walpole.
Was born Victor Nistea.
Sorin Vidan Was born Sorin Vidan.
Commemorations, 24 sep:
Francoise Sagan Has died Francoise Sagan.
Fran├žoise de MaintenonAndrei MuresanuPetru IonescuAlfred de VignyFranklin P. JonesSabin OpreanuJoe PantolianoJohn DonnePetre PandreaAl CappRussell HobanGeorge ConstantinescuValery OisteanuIancu De HunedoaraRamiro de Maeztu

Life is just a journey.

Life is just a journey.

Princess Diana, quote about Unclasified

Princess Diana (1961 - 1997) British Royalty

Was born on: 01 jul 1961.
Died on 31 aug 1997, at 36 years old.

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