Poems by Nichita Stănescu about Speed, Memory, Mind, Tears, Earth, God, Heart


Distance is the cog wheel
on the haunted axle of my hearing,
grinding fine the deadened mind
of that unborn god
waiting to be caught
by the earth's blue speed,
and carrying in a handled urn
the plucked heart - ours,
it's beating, it's heard, it's beating, it's heard,
a sphere in wild growth -
the roads are wet with tears,
memory frail and elastic,
a sling for stones, a gondola
drowned in childlike Venices,
a tooth yanked from the cells with a string -
down the empty socket of Vesuvius. And you exist.
Poems by Nichita Stănescu about speed, memory, mind, tears, earth, god, heart.
From the book "Bas-Relief with Heroes"english translation by Thomas Carlson and Vasile Poenaru.

Nichita Stănescu 1933 - 1983, romanian poet

Was born on: 31 mar 1933.
Died on 13 dec 1983, at 50 years old.

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