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Martisor - the celebration of spring Martisor is a Romanian ancient tradition, it’s been dated for 8000 years, which celebrates the beginning of the spring on 1 March. Is the celebration of joy,...

Traditions and superstitions Romanian about spring, day, symbol, beginning, tradition, victory, gifts, old, joy, name, woman, bad luck, man, immortality, life, heart, love, bad, good, good luck, olderness
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Night of the Saint Andrew On the 30th of November, Romaian people is celebrating Saint Andrew, the spiritual patriarch of Romania. The night before Saint Andrew's Eve is known as the night of the...

Traditions and superstitions Romanian about night, nation, husband, wanderer, dream, real estate, danger, future, pain, spirit, sleep, need, nothing, earth, home, water, face, man
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Holiday of Saint Nicolae Saint Nicolae is the spiritual patriarch in Holland, Russia, Greece, France and in a lot of cities from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium. He is known as the...

Traditions and superstitions Romanian about night, children, marriage, family, parents, city, gifts, fire, fire brigade, nation, present, time, olderness, wealth, name, secret, age, use, need, death, home, woman, world, immortality, life, love, day, man, old
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Christmas traditions and superstitions In many romanian villages, in Christmas Eve, exists the tradition to smear the cattles and stables with garlic to keep away the bad spiritis. The people are...

Traditions and superstitions Romanian about tradition, water, bad luck, good luck, home, food, day, fall, night, children, nation, bad, good, face, old, olderness
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