Night of the Saint Andrew

Night of the Saint Andrew

On the 30th of November, Romaian people is celebrating Saint Andrew, the spiritual patriarch of Romania.

The night before Saint Andrew's Eve is known as the night of the ghosts( strigoi), strigoi means in Romanian the spirit of a dead man. In this night, the spirits of the dead people will wander the Earth, until dawn. They are a real danger for the living people, because strigoii can kill and are bringers of pain and diseases.

Strigoii can walk on water and ground, they are teriffing creatures, nothing can stop them, but the romanians have the belif that they are protected from these evil spirits if they smear the door and windows with smashed garlic.

In this night, the boys and the girls from the village are guarding the garlic, dancing and singing all night long.

This is also the night when unmarried girls can find out who will be their husband.
They will spend the night in front of a mirror, having beside them two lighted candles and will stay awake until will see the face of the future husband to be in the mirror. After that, will go to sleep, but not before they've put under the pillow sweet basil, to dream with the dear one.

In this night, people can find out if the new year will be a rich year and to know the answer they need to bring in the house branches of sour cerry tree which will blossom until Christmas or will plant weat seeds which will sprout till Christmas.

Romanian Traditions and superstitions

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