Valery Oisteanu

Valery Oisteanu

Biography Valery Oisteanu (1943)

Romanian poet, art critic and essayist

Was born on 03 sep 1943.
Origin country România

Photographer and performance artist, whose style reflects the influence of Dada and Surrealism. He is the brother of Romanian historian of religions, cultural anthropologist and writer Andrei Oisteanu.


Underground Shadows (Pass Press, New York, 1977)
Underwater Temples, (Pass Press, New York, 1979)
Do Not Defuse, (Pass Press, New York, 1980)
Passport to Eternal Life, (Pass Press, New York, 1990)
Moons of Venus, (Pass Press, New York, 1992)
Temporary Immortality, (Pass Press, New York, 1995)
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