Sorin Vidan

Sorin Vidan

Biography Sorin Vidan (1968)

Romanian essayist and novelist

Also called Sorin Delaskela.
Was born on 24 sep 1968.
Origin country România
Quotes by Sorin Vidan
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Quotes Sorin Vidan

Sorin Vidan

Suddenly you seemed to understand everything, absolutely...

Quote by Sorin Vidan about confusion, power, truth, time
Sorin Vidan

I have touched her lips as only in the strongest and...

Quote by Sorin Vidan about love, heart, absurd, existence, voice, history, moment, rightness, things
Sorin Vidan

There is a World, and I have to thrown myself in its...

Quote by Sorin Vidan about world, chaos, sacrifice
Sorin Vidan

I could be, almost without effort, litte boy, woman or...

Quote by Sorin Vidan about existence, example, woman