Radu Anton Roman

Radu Anton Roman

Biography Radu Anton Roman (1948)

Romanian poet, novelist, journalist and TV producer

Was born on 19 aug 1948.
Died on 29 aug 2005, at 57 years old.
Origin country România
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Radu Anton Roman was vey fond of cooking, hunting and fishing, hobbies to which he has devoted much of his time. He has shared his experiences with others through his cookery themed TV shows.He has the merit of bringing to the public's attention very old Romanian traditional recipes, long forgotten. In 1998 he published one of the most important works of recent years gourmet "dishes, wines and Romanian traditions."The book " Romanian dishes, wines and customs", published in 1998 is a poem which combines culinary traditions and recipes in a unique way.

Radu Anton Roman reinvented TV programs with gourmet specific; its programs were presented in original reports, full of authenticity, venued in the geographical areas specific for the recipes presented.

His wide activity includes collaborations with Jacques Yves Cousteau, the famous marine biologist, for achieving the documentaries about Danube.

The novel "Days of Fishing" was very well received by public, this novel was awarded with "Evening Star" prize in 1985. The book was published in France under the title of "Les poisons sur le table" and it has been a great success.

His literary activity was marked by drama chronicles written with great passion and professionalism and cooperation with Romanian literary publications 'Romania literara ' and 'Luceafarul ' in 70-80's.

He was buried in Bucharest,in the cemetery of artists, Belu.


Ohaba, This country, 1972, poems

Highlands of apples trees, 1974

Romanian dishes, wines and customs,1998
In Delta Danube with Jacques-Yves Cousteau, 2001

Fishing days, 1984, novel

Les poissons sur le sable, 2002

Savoureuse Roumanie, 2004
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Radu Anton Roman

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