Petru Jales

Biography Petru Jales (1942)

Poet, Prosecutor, Translator

Also called Peter Jalesh / Boris Musteata.
Was born on 12 feb 1942.
Origin country România

Boris Musteata(Petru Jales, Peter Jalesh): Born in Romania as Boris Musteata..
Used three pseudonyms (Petru Jales, Peter Jalesh. as an author and as an artist (painter).
In 1965 he received a MS degree in Nuclear Physics from the Polytechnic Institute (diploma # 189409) Bucharest,
followed by two MA degrees: in Philology (Linguistics and Literature) in 1972 (diploma # 14436/16.II.1973)
and in Philosophy in 1976 (diploma # 27282/27..IX.1976), both from the University of Bucharest.
He began his writing career in 1958 under pseudonym Petru Jales. He published in Romanian several volumes of poetry:
Menuet (1968), Poema (1970), Poemele Marii (1975), Cintul Etern and Poema Dacica (1977), Luminile de dimineata (1978,
a novel - Vinzatorul de memorii (1978), a volume of modern poetry translated from Russian, other translations from universal symbolist poetry.
From 1970 to 1979 he wrote scenarios for animation and documentary features, commentaries for radio and television shows.
In 1978 he translated B. Malinovsky's Cultural Anthropology.
In 1972 he became a political dissident and spent the next years under the surveillance of the Communist Secret Police (Securitate).
Before leaving Romania he was subjected to numerous coercive interrogatories and tortures.
In 1979 he immigrated to the United States and asked for political asylum. He became an American citizen in 1988.
Peter Jalesh, Temple of the Origin, a novel, Small Press, New York, 1991
Peter Jalesh, A Portrait of the Artist as an Anthropomorphic
Genius-Machine, a novel, Novatrix Library, New York, 2002
Peter Jalesh, Zen Handbook, Novatrix Library, 2004
Peter Jalesh, The Little Blue Book on Zen of the Fundamental,
Novatrix Library, New York, 2005
Boris Musteata, Life as fair game, a self-help psychology book,
Novatrix library, New York, 2006
Peter Jalesh, My Uncle Bill and his Love Everest, a novel, Magnum Opus Books,
New York, 2007
Peter Jalesh, My Aunt Emily’s Blue Rolls Royce and Her Amazing One Hundred
Years of Love, a novel, Magnum Opus Books, New York, 2009
Peter Jalesh, The Little Blue Princess, a children’s book, Novatrix Library, New York, 2011
Peter Jalesh, The Little Orange Book on Zen of the Realization Realm,
Novatrix Library, New York, 2011
Peter Jalesh, Six Naked Old Women on a Running Machine, a novel, Novatrix Library,
New York, 2012
Peter Jalesh, Song of Songs, poetry, Novatrix Library,
New York, 2012
Marc Asanov Archibald Sr, My Secret Love Affair with Marilyn Monroe, a novel,
Magnum Opus Books, New York, 2015
Marc Asanov Archibald Sr, The Erotic Journey of a Belly Button and other bananas, a novel
Magnum Opus Books, New York, 2016
Marc Asanov Archibald Sr, Danelle's Story, a novel,
Magnum Opus Books, New York, 2015

As an artist, using pseudonym Peter Jalesh he exhibited drawings and paintings. Major one-man art exhibitions:
Quasi Still Life Series, 56 abstract paintings and drawings, Deep Space Gallery, 11/1996, New York,
Abstract Endings on Large Canvases, abstract paintings on oversize (11 ft. to 55 ft.) canvases, Pearl Gallery, 02/2000, New York,
A Retrospective of Action Painting, 82 old and new abstract paintings, Mercedes-Benz Showroom Gallery, 02/2003, New York,
New Abstract Paintings, 26 abstract paintings 60”X48”, Mercedes-Benz Showroom Gallery, 12/2004-02/2005, New York.
Permanent on-line art exhibitions of paintings and drawings under pseudonym Peter Jalesh -could be seen at and
The books authored by Peter Jalesh are sold at,,
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