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Celebrations, 20 jan:
Costel Zagan Was born Costel Zagan.
Federico Fellini Was born Federico Fellini.
George Burns Was born George Burns.
Eugene Sue Was born Eugene Sue.
Was born Vasile Baran.
Was born Petru Cimpoesu.
Was born Valeria Taicutu.
Commemorations, 20 jan:
John Ruskin Has died John Ruskin.
Has died Gyorgy Beke.
Has died Nicolae Ioana.
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Miron Costin

Miron Costin

Biography Miron Costin (1633 - 1691)

Moldavian political figure and chronicler

Was born on 30 mar 1633.
Origin country România
Quotes by Miron Costin

His main work, Letopisetul Tarai Moldovei de la Aron Voda incoace - The Chronicles of the land of Moldavia from the rule of Aron Voda was meant to extend Grigore Ureche's narrative, covering events from 1594 to 1660. The Chronicles were first published in 1675.
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