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Celebrations, 24 oct:
Stephen Covey Was born Stephen Covey.
Hugh B. Brown Was born Hugh B. Brown.
Adrian Mitchell Was born Adrian Mitchell.
Moss Hart Was born Moss Hart.
Was born Gheorghe Andrei.
Was born Olimpiu Balos.
Was born Ion Burnar.
Was born Gheorghe Gibescu.
Was born Cornel Moraru.
Was born Tia Serbanescu.
Commemorations, 24 oct:
Daniel Webster Has died Daniel Webster.
William CowperSfantul Augustin de HiponaOgden NashJack KerouacSfantul Anton De LisabonaAlexander PopeJean JaurèsPeter FalkAgnes RepplierGeorge Virgil StoenescuWilliam PennStephen Robert IrwinIon PillatFranz KafkaGabriel Dimisianu

Miron Costin

Miron Costin

Biography Miron Costin (1633 - 1691)

Moldavian political figure and chronicler

Was born on 30 mar 1633.
Origin country România
Quotes by Miron Costin

His main work, Letopisetul Tarai Moldovei de la Aron Voda incoace - The Chronicles of the land of Moldavia from the rule of Aron Voda was meant to extend Grigore Ureche's narrative, covering events from 1594 to 1660. The Chronicles were first published in 1675.
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