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Julian Patrick Barnes

Julian Patrick Barnes

Biography Julian Patrick Barnes (1946)

English writer

Was born on 19 jan 1946.
Origin country United Kingdom
Quotes by Julian Patrick Barnes

He has written crime fiction under the pseudonym Dan Kavanagh.


Metroland, 1980
Before She Met Me, 1982
Flaubert's Parrot, 1984
Staring at the Sun, 1986
A History of the World in 10½ Chapters, 1989
Talking it Over, 1991
The Porcupine, 1992
Letters from London, 1995
Cross Channel, 1996
England, England, 1998
Love, etc, 2000
Something to Declare, 2002
In the Land of Pain, 2002
The Pedant in the Kitchen, 2003
The Lemon Table, 2004
Arthur & George, 2005
Pulse, 2011

Works as Dan Kavanagh:

Duffy, 1980
Fiddle City, 1981
Putting the Boot In, 1985
Going to the Dogs, 1987
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