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Celebrations, 23 sep:
Julio Iglesias Was born Julio Iglesias.
Walter Lippman Was born Walter Lippman.
Elizabeth Pena Was born Elizabeth Pena.
Antonio Tabucchi Was born Antonio Tabucchi.
Ray Charles Was born Ray Charles.
Nicolae Coande Was born Nicolae Coande.
Was born George Sorescu.
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Sigmund Freud Has died Sigmund Freud.
Pablo Neruda Has died Pablo Neruda.
Elinor Glyn Has died Elinor Glyn.
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Jose Julian Marti Perez

Jose Julian Marti Perez

Biography Jose Julian Marti Perez (1853 - 1895)

Spanish poet and writer

Was born on 28 jan 1853.
Died on 19 may 1895, at 42 years old.
Origin country Cuba
Quotes by Jose Julian Marti Perez

Cuban national hero and an important figure in Latin American literature.
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