Henry Arthur Jones

Henry Arthur Jones

Biography Henry Arthur Jones (1851 - 1929)

English dramatist

Life period: 1851 - 1929
Origin country United Kingdom
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Henry Arthur Jones was an English writer very appreciated for his plays and political writings.The most knows plays wtitten by him are:

Saints and Sinners, 1884
The Middleman, 1889
Judah, 1890

These plays are followed by the later works, such as:

The Dancing Girl,1891
The Crusaders, 1891
The Tempter, 1893
The Masqueraders, 1894
The Triumph of the Philistines, 1895
Michael and his Lost Angel, 1896
The Rogue's Comedy, 1896
The Physician, 1897
The Liars, 1897
The Manoeuvres of Jane, 1899
The Lackeys' Carnival, 1900
Mrs Dane's Defence, 1900
The Princess's Nose, 1902
Chance the Idol, 1902
The Chevalier, 1904
Mary Goes First, 1913
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Quotes Henry Arthur Jones

Henry Arthur Jones

Well, I can't help people falling in love with me....

Quote by Henry Arthur Jones about responsability, consequences, help, people, things, love