Frank Wedekind

Frank Wedekind

Biography Frank Wedekind (1864 - 1918)

German playwright

Was born on 24 jul 1864.
Died on 09 mar 1918, at 53 years old.
Origin country Germany
Quotes by Frank Wedekind
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Quotes Frank Wedekind

Frank Wedekind

The laws of this world are for children.

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Quote by Frank Wedekind about law, children, world
Frank Wedekind

Virtue looks good but it only suits imposing figures.

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Quote by Frank Wedekind about virtue, good, good luck
Frank Wedekind

Any fool can have bad luck; the art consists in knowing...

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Quote by Frank Wedekind about bad luck, good luck, art, bad
Frank Wedekind

God made man in his own image and man returned the favour.

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Quote by Frank Wedekind about god, man

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