Eugen Lovinescu

Eugen Lovinescu

Biography Eugen Lovinescu (1881 - 1943)

Literary critic, academic and novelist

Was born on 31 oct 1881.
Died on 16 jul 1943, at 61 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Eugen Lovinescu
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Quotes Eugen Lovinescu

Eugen Lovinescu

Time is changing. We need to change along with it.

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Quote by Eugen Lovinescu about time, change, need
Eugen Lovinescu

The essential element of talent is the originality and...

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Quote by Eugen Lovinescu about talent, originality, essential
Eugen Lovinescu

The future of a person, as future of world needs to be...

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Quote by Eugen Lovinescu about future, man, world
Eugen Lovinescu

The human soul is not a rock, clenched forever in aforce....

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Quote by Eugen Lovinescu about soul, feelings, rocks, human imperfections, human-nature

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