Alfred Jarry

Alfred Jarry

Biography Alfred Jarry (1873 - 1907)

French writer

Was born on 08 sep 1873.
Died on 01 nov 1907, at 34 years old.
Origin country France
Quotes by Alfred Jarry

He wrote plays, novels, poetry, essays and speculative journalism. His texts are pioneering works in the field of absurd literature.
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Quotes Alfred Jarry

Alfred Jarry

Blind and unwavering undisciplined at all times...

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Quote by Alfred Jarry about power, real estate
Alfred Jarry

Forgetfulness is the indispensable condition of memory.

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Quote by Alfred Jarry about forgetness, memory
Alfred Jarry

We believe... that the applause of silence is the only...

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Quote by Alfred Jarry about faime, silence
Alfred Jarry

Love is an act of no importance, since we it can do so...

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Quote by Alfred Jarry about love, law, love story

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