Christmas Also Came Here

Songs by Tudor Gheorghe about Christmas, Pain, Sin, Life, End, Tears, Dream, Soul, Celebrity

Christmas Also Came Here

Christmas also came here
To soothe our pain,
White snow is falling over my life
It’s snowing over my soul,
White snow is falling
Over my life
That ends here.

The star begins to shine
On the holy manger
And once again three magi
Spill out of their bags
Gold and incense.
The angels high above
Have put the heaven underneath
The magi’s heel.

Oh, Lord Jesus,
Forgive my tears and my sins
Come and smoothly ease the pain of
The wounds that hurt,
Make our dream come true!
We’ll be waiting for You
As to Your cross
We are nailed.
Songs by Tudor Gheorghe about christmas, pain, sin, life, end, tears, dream, soul, celebrity.

Tudor Gheorghe 1945

Life period: 1945

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