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Augustin Buzura Was born Augustin Buzura.
Was born Elena Siupiur.
Michael Faraday Was born Michael Faraday.
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Laura BadescuSergei YeseninMarcel BlecherBuddhaHenri-Marie Cardinal de LubacSir Bobby CharltonPelham Grenville WodehouseAlfred HitchcockBujor VoineaBernard MoitessierMahatma GandhiCharles Dudley WarnerLouis Lazare HocheJean CocteauSt. Francis of Assisi

Therefore we should keep an eye on the outward...

Therefore we should keep an eye on the outward characteristics which nature gives a man by shaping him in a certain way.

Paracelsus, quote about Nature

Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) Swiss scientist

Life_period: 1493 - 1541

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