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Celebrations, 16 oct:
Oscar Wilde Was born Oscar Wilde.
Eugene O'Neill Was born Eugene O'Neill.
Gunter Grass Was born Gunter Grass.
Was born Nicolae Damian.
Was born Gheorghe Ene.
Was born Theodor Manescu.
Commemorations, 16 oct:
Gaston Bachelard Has died Gaston Bachelard.
Victor EftimiuȘtefan Cel MareJanina IanosiAntoine BlondinRadu ParaschivescuOctavian GogaClare Booth LuceDumitru SolomonSimona TacheRoger de BussyShimon PeresJean-Marie Le PenJules RenardHarvey PekarDavid Rockefeller

Railways and the Church have their critics, but both are...

Railways and the Church have their critics, but both are best ways of getting a man to his ultimate destination.

Wilbert Vere Awdry, quote about Opinion

Wilbert Vere Awdry (1911 - 1997) English clergyman and writer of children's literature, known as the Reverend W.

Was born on: 15 jun 1911.
Died on 21 mar 1997, at 85 years old.

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