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Celebrations, 22 oct:
Georges Brassens Was born Georges Brassens.
Doris Lessing Was born Doris Lessing.
Franz Liszt Was born Franz Liszt.
Was born Ion Coja.
Was born Renata Verejanu.
Was born A. I. Zainescu.
Commemorations, 22 oct:
Mathurin Regnier Has died Mathurin Regnier.
Nadia Boulanger Has died Nadia Boulanger.
Lyman Abbott Has died Lyman Abbott.
Janos Arany Has died Janos Arany.
Henry John KaiserAndrew JacksonHesiodSir Philip SidneyJohn PearsonAndrei CorbeaGrigore UrecheBogdan UlmuConstantin StefuriucMoliereConstantin ChiritaSandor MaraiAntonio MachadoVissarion BelinskyConstantin Brancusi

I was a teapot. I was a small teapot, short and stout,...

I was a teapot. I was a small teapot, short and stout, here was my handle, this was my spout. And I was like seven. It was the greatest. I was just bowing, and bowing.

Whoopi Goldberg, quote about Unclasified

Whoopi Goldberg (1955) American Actress

Life_period: 1955

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