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Celebrations, 21 feb:
Sacha Guitry Was born Sacha Guitry.
Erma Bombeck Was born Erma Bombeck.
Chuck Palahniuk Was born Chuck Palahniuk.
Anais Nin Was born Anais Nin.
Was born Ovidiu Dunareanu.
Was born Felicia Giurgiu.
Was born Luminita Petru.
Was born George Timcu.
Commemorations, 21 feb:
Baruch Spinoza Has died Baruch Spinoza.
Donny OsmondArthur Christopher BensonJohn AbizaidNicolas CageLudwig WittgensteinWilliam E VaughanTillie OlsenJohn Lancaster SpaldingFrancis ParkmanColin FirthDorel DorianDan SociuBoy GeorgeDana DumitriuThomas Kuhn

I was a teapot. I was a small teapot, short and stout,...

I was a teapot. I was a small teapot, short and stout, here was my handle, this was my spout. And I was like seven. It was the greatest. I was just bowing, and bowing.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg (1955) American Actress

Life period: 1955

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