Sleepy birds

Poems by Mihai Eminescu about Night, Good, Good Luck, Garden, Flowers, Harmony, Sleep, Dream, Flight, Peace

Sleepy birds

All those sleepy birds
Now tired from flight
Hide among the leaves

Only the spring whispers
When the wood sleeps silently;
Even flowers in the gardens
Sleep peacefully!

Swans glide to their nest
Sheltering among the reeds
May angels guard your rest,
Sweet dreams!

Above a night of sorcery
Comes the moon's graceful light,
All is peace and harmony
Poems by Mihai Eminescu about night, good, good luck, garden, flowers, harmony, sleep, dream, flight, peace.

Mihai Eminescu 1850-1889, the biggest romanian poet and one of the best-known poets of the world

Was born on: 15 jan 1850.
Died on 15 jun 1889, at 39 years old.

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