Lesson: Don't lose your pen

1. Lost Your Pen = No Pen
2. No Pen = No Notes
3. No Notes = No Study
4. No Study = Fail
5. Fail = No Diploma
6. No Diploma = No Work
7. No Work = No Money
8. No Money = No Food
9. No Food = You Get Skinny
10. Skinny = Then You Get Ugly
11. Ugly = No Lover
12. No Lover = No Marriage
13. No Marriage = No Children
14. No Children = Alone
15. Alone = Depression
16. Depression = Sickness
17. Sickness = Death

American Proverbs and old sayings about teaching, depression, marriage, food, children, work, money, death.

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Life is like a mirror if you fawn it, it fawns back and if you smile, it smiles.

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If your neighbor's house is on fire, make haste to put out the fire in your own house.

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Don't underestimate the wisdom of ancestors.

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Proverbs and old sayings
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Lesson: Don't lose your pen (Proverbs and old sayings)
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