The Power To Reveal

Poetry by Maria Pal, 10 Mar 2019

The Power To Reveal

The Power To Reveal
To poet Ayten Mutlu

if you know what your core is
you can grasp how doubt melts away
how it is being reborn out of ashes
soaring through each heartbeat
how fantasy washes its feet

if you forget what your core is
you are bound to burn away overdoses of bitterness
or take Faustus’ arm
joining him for a walk through the most elaborate of labyrinths
you may even give the mirror a scare
as it stares your white shadow back at you

if you can reveal the flickering of your soul
you reap the meaning enhancing dew
startling the skylarks
reading hieroglyphs out of the deep boiling lava
riddling out the wail of the paper from a mere whisper

and then
you can feel it in the cup of your palms
the very love angels return to
transcending any death

Poetry by Maria Pal

Maria Pal

Born on: 16 Nov 1948
Professor, plastic artist

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