Prayers Have Stepped Back

Poetry by Maria Pal, 10 Mar 2019

Prayers Have Stepped Back

To Poet Osman Bozkurt

A lunatic wanders through your mind
Frightening the shadow like a hungry anaconda

forcing you to live on Medusa’s raft
for one thousand and one years
holding a word-woven rock which is forever smoldering within

all around there is this universe of darkness
where each bell chimes its own luck
its own hanging rope

once in a while you get an x-ray
your time gets cut down

the swimming of wings through blood is getting harder
and harder still
no longer giving birth to fresh buds

your angel has been cast in stone forgetting to read stories
prayers have quietly and permanently deserted the libraries

Poetry by Maria Pal

Maria Pal

Born on: 16 Nov 1948
Professor, plastic artist

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