Veronica Micle

Veronica Micle

Biography Veronica Micle (1850 - 1889)

Romanian poet

Was born on 22 apr 1850.
Died on 03 aug 1889, at 39 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Veronica Micle

She is best known for her love affair with the poet Mihai Eminescu, one of the most important Romanian writers. She wrote poetry, short stories and translations for the magazines of that time.
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Quotes Veronica Micle

Veronica Micle

My thought If I could I’d tie my thought And to heavy...

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Quote by Veronica Micle about poetry, flight, thinking, help
Veronica Micle

In poetry often the idea is sacrificed for rhyme as...

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Quote by Veronica Micle about poetry, idea, immortality, life
Veronica Micle

When you are writing the most beautiful page in the book...

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Quote by Veronica Micle about life, irony, destiny, writing, immortality

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