Veronica Balaj

Veronica Balaj

Biography Veronica Balaj (1952)

Romanian poet and translator

Was born on 07 oct 1952.
Origin country România

Veronica Balaj is a graduate in philology and journalism and completed an internship in French Language and Civilisation from the l’Université de Neuchatel, Switzerland. She has also collaborated with radio stations in Australia Belgium, France and Radio France International.

For the past 20 years, she is hosting and editing the cultural Radio and TV shows for Radio Timisoara and various television stations.

As a writer she has published 23 volumes of novels, prose and poetry. She is a member if the Romanian Union of Writers, Association des Écrivains Roumains du Quebec - Montreal, Austria-Pro-Rom Association and The International Association "Athanor" of Rome. She has received the Prize of Excellency from the Romanian Union of Writers in 2000, The Prize for Poetry from the International Festival Don Luigi di Liegro - Rome 2008 and the Diploma di Merito from the "Citta di Roma" Academy in 2008 etc.

The following is a list of some of her translated works:

- Ne tirez plus!, short prose, French edition, Bruxelles 1993
- Ploughing With the Angel, poetry, bilingual edition (Romanian-English), New York 1997
- Rituals of the Scribe, poetry, bilingual edition (Romanian-English)
- Between Night and Day, poetry, bilingual edition (Romanian-English), New York 1998
- Le café du bouquiniste, poetry, bilingual edition (Romanian-French), Neuchatel Switzerland, 2000
- Buveurs de Nonchalance/Sippers of Indolence/Bautori de Nepasari, poetry,
- Trilingual edition (Romanian-French-English), Vienna 2003
- Sieben mal das Leben, short prose, German Version, Vienna 2004
- Baltazara, novel, presented in Vienna 2001 and Italian edition, Rome 2005
- Carnavalul Damelor, novel
- Timeless Hallucinations, poetry, bilingual edition (Romanian-English)
- Venetian Puzzle, poetry
- Aeropagus, journalistic interviews in collaboration with Cristina Mihai, Montreal 2008
- Pirouette auf Stelzen, poetry, bilingual edition (Romanian-German), Vienna 2009
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