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Vasile Conta

Vasile Conta

Biography Vasile Conta (1845 - 1882)

Romanian writer, philosopher and Minister

Was born on 15 nov 1845.
Died on 22 apr 1882, at 36 years old.
Origin country România
Quotes by Vasile Conta

Vasile Conta (November 15, 1845 – April 21, 1882) was a Romanian philosopher, poet, and politician.

He was born in Ghindaoani, a village in Baltatesti commune, Neamt County.

The Armenian Octav Minar, an editor of Conta's works, pretended with no evidence that Conta was of Armenian ancestry. This thesis was infirmed by several scholars and by Ana Conta-Kernbach, the philosopher's sister.[citation needed]

He died in Bucharest.
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