Talcott Parsons

Talcott Parsons

Biography Talcott Parsons (1902 - 1979)

American sociologist

Was born on 13 dec 1902.
Died on 08 may 1979, at 76 years old.
Origin country United States
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Quotes Talcott Parsons

Talcott Parsons

A gloss is a total system of perception and language.

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Quote by Talcott Parsons about language
Talcott Parsons

But the fact a person denies that he is theorising is no...

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Quote by Talcott Parsons about reason, word, man
Talcott Parsons

Spencer's god was Evolution, sometimes also called Progress.

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Quote by Talcott Parsons about progress, god
Talcott Parsons

Moreover, the structure of a theoretical system tells us...

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