Robert Graves

Robert Graves

Biography Robert Graves (1895 - 1985)

English poet, translator and novelist

Also called Robert "von Ranke" Graves.
Was born on 24 jul 1895.
Died on 07 dec 1985, at 90 years old.
Origin country United Kingdom
Quotes by Robert Graves
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Quotes Robert Graves

Robert Graves

Genius not only diagnoses the situation but supplies the...

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Quote by Robert Graves about genius
Robert Graves

In love as in sport, the amateur status must be strictly...

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Quote by Robert Graves about love, sport
Robert Graves

To be a poet is a condition rather than a profession.

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Quote by Robert Graves about poetry
Robert Graves

If there's no money in poetry, neither is there poetry in...

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Quote by Robert Graves about poetry, money

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